Website / Ecommerce

Ricberry e-commerce

E-commerce solution for the innovative berry products company — RicBerry 

E-commerce that goes beyond retail sales.


  • E-commerce
  • Mobile ready
  • UI/UX
  • Business process automation
  • Retail and wholesale
  • Vast number of discount options





Riga, Latvia

Year of development


1. Aim

After several discussions, production overview and business process analysis, following aims were set:

  • Convenient UI/UX and quick-purchase process for customers
  • Business process automation
  • Make it as a main tool for orders from Ricberry for everyone
  • Flexible and advanced discount and promotion options
  • Make e-commerce that is ready for both target groups: retail customers and wholesale customers


2. Video overview

Ricberry e-commerce from Infinite Software on Vimeo.


3. Functionality

  • UX of quick purchases
  • Both e-commerce and corporate page, “About us” page to serve as a corporate page
  • Convenient checkout (one screen, all details)
  • Unique single product functionality – each product can be purchased in units or boxes
  • Wholesale / business customer features:
    • Additional technical information of products
    • Different price
    • Special tax rules
  • Business client management:
    • Admin can manage business clients, applying unique rules and discounts
  • Vast number of filters:
    • Brands
    • Product category
    • Product subcategory
    • Ingredients
    • Vitamins
    • Berry values
  • Flexible and advanced discount and promotion options
  • CMS user roles:
    • Super admin
    • Specific roles with limited access:
      • Accountant
      • Warehouse officer
  • Multiple payment options:
    • Invoices
    • Payment cards
    • PayPal
  • Multiple delivery options
  • E-mail system that accompany every Client at every step of the order
  • Wish list
  • Products review
  • Multi language
  • (Possibility for) Multi-currency 
  • Blog 


4. Design


4. Symfony + Sylius

Choosing a right e-commerce solution for the customer can be a complicated step. Once you have chosen an e-commerce, be it OpenCart, WooCommerce, 1C-Bitrix, Magento or any other it will affect all customer journey throughout at least the next 5 years. After a careful consideration of client needs, we've decided that we need:

  • flexible custom ability to make unique features
  • system to be based on PHP
  • time for future support  must be reasonable

We went for which is based on top of Symfony (PHP framework) which makes the whole system flexible, powerful and secure.

Sylius provides numerous features for e-commerce out of the box, while you still operate with friendly and powerful Symfony framework.

Sylius is a definite Go for complex solutions that requires custom functionality.

5. Guideline