Rezekne Meat Factory

Rezekne Meat Factory is the largest meat product manufacturer in Latvia.

Delicious products deserves delicious website.


  • Unique design
  • Tailor-made structure that is clear
  • Design details
  • Photo-shooting
  • Functionality
  • Easy to operate administrative panel
  • Simple, while powerful product management  solution


Rēzeknes Gaļas Kombināts



Rezekne, Latvia

Year of development



Rezekne Meat Factory is full cycle meat processing company (starting with the slaughtering of livestock and ending with the finished product delivery to shops) that produces outstanding quality products. Our aim was to create a website that is capable of guiding through the company in a modern way.



Navigation and structure

Simplifying complex things

In order to create simple structure, we used several navigation mechanism, which created smooth experience when navigating. 

  • main top menu
  • footer
  • accessible-on-scroll full screen menu
  • scroll-to-top button

Full screen menu


Product’s management and presentation

Whole industry is lagging and lacks employment of a functional UX design. We have rebuilt the accessibility of information on products, saving significant amount of time to clients. It is clear that the information will be mostly accessed by the whole-sale buyers, so details of products must be easy to filter and easy to access.

On the other hand we created a tailored solution for management of the products for client. Thus, saving hours of time for our client as well.

Company overview

There is so much to tell when you’ve made to be No.1, yet we managed to put it all in line in a simple manner.


Adding spices

Complexity was simplified by enhancing the website with animations, visual tweaks and details. Further to things listed above, we've reworked numerous sections, including:

  • Sales contacts presentation
  • History
  • Regional contacts presented on a map
  • Values presentation
  • Manufacturing
  • News filters

Website overview

Tailored solution - custom administration

Apart from creating the unique look and story of the company, it is essential to go beyond and make the website not only looking great, but also to be functional and efficient in use. We have developed a fully custom CMS so that every single need is taken into consideration.

Socially friendly

All news and vacancies on the website are set up to be shared on social networks, sent by email or printed. Look and references of each article are automatically generated to create professional appearance on social networks.