Have you noticed how many start ups have recently emerged all around the world? Eventually, many observers conclude we are in a bubble. Even more people go mad when they hear about massive funding of projects worth thousands and even millions of dollars.

So, do you agree we are in a bubble? Probably, most entrepreneurs in business wouldn't agree with that. It is true that there are thousands of start ups that seem absolutely useless. However, there are quite a few which are simply outstanding. Let alone numerous success stories, we see how most businesses are moving towards technological progress in all possible ways, including business management solutions, advertising, methods of payment, etc. Technological progress allows people to develop their ideas and makes business operations much easier than it has ever been.. Isn't that great? What we see now - is a massive opportunity to implement almost any idea.

Does this huge technological progress mean we are in a bubble? Have we already reached the point where it should be considered as a bubble? Does the sharp fall of Facebook, Inc. shares just after the IPO show a sign? Not necessarily.

It’s true, the multimillion funding of start ups seems crazy. Are they really priced fairly? The thing is that the potential of start ups and technology businesses in general is highly difficult to estimate as too many unknown factors exist. Following numerous discussions on the start up bubble issue, prices gradually decrease in favour of investors. Let's see what's going to be next…