Infinite Software, a Latvia based mobile application developer, has launched Wunderbit Crypto Exchange Game - a free economic simulation game for Android devices. In this game the traditional stock shares are replaced by cryptocurrencies. It’s main task is to become a successful trader, by buying and selling the right cryptocurrencies at the right time.

Download from Google Play Store.

The primary goal for the developer in creating this game was to create a trading simulation, which would be interesting for a broader audience than the traditional stock trading games. In order to achieve it, Infinite Software team has chosen such well-known cryptocurrencies for trading as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and Litecoin. Infinite Software team adds: “we wanted to simulate real trading processes as close as possible, while keeping the gameplay simple, but intriguing at the same time. I guess we have managed to do it and now we are giving it for evaluation to players”.

At the beginning of the game each player receives virtual money, which is a trading tool for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Similarly to a real market, the commodity prices are influenced by events that occur during the game and also by the opponent’s moves. Players have to follow those in order to determine when is the right time for buying or selling. The player’s main goal is to have the biggest amount of money and cryptocurrencies at the end of each game. Each player will be able to improve their trading skills, regardless of the success in the game.

Wunderbit Cryptocurrency Exchange Game is available free of charge on Google Play from the 13th of August. It is dedicated to all strategy game fans and the player can choose whether to play with a virtual opponent or other players online.

Infinite Software is a company specialized in mobile app, cryptocurrency software, ecommerce and web platform development established in 2012. The organization has well experienced team members that share the passion for software development. The company’s motto is: “Even the craziest ideas can be transformed into incredible software”.

Game has been previously published for iOS devices. 

Download for iOS.

Game was developed in partnership with WunderTrading – a platform to start investing and trading cryptocurrencies seamlessly.